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Uniquely handcrafted jewelry created from your own fresh or dry flowers saved from weddings, funerals, or any meaningful occasion. These personalized products are custom made and designed to commemorate your loved one or special occasion.


Custom Pieces Vary


    Resin Jewelry Care Instructions 
    Resin jewelry is pretty hard-wearing but to get the best out of your pieces and ensure they last a lifetime please try to adhere to the following advice. This will keep your pieces looking their best

    STICKY FINGERS CAN DESTROY the topcoat of any resin ob made with resin. Try not to RUB your jewelry. If you want to wipe it to polish, please use cotton cloth only. if needed light soap and water and a 

    Avoid exposing to any chemicals and cleaning products. This includes perfume, hair spray, cleaning solutions, nail polish remover, antibacterial hand sanitiser etc. Solvents will react with the epoxy and cause it to become scaly, yellow, chip or break down completely.

    Store your jewelry out of direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade.

    Try to avoid bumping and scratching or sleeping in your resin jewelry. This could damage your jewelry piece. If your piece has an accident, please send me a photo and I can advise you on what you may be able to do :)

    Do NOT submerge your pieces in water. Resin is NOT waterproof, only water resistant. So please remember to remove your jewelry before showers, swimming, washing up etc.

    Silver will usually tarnish eventually.  I mostly use stainless steel and Antique silver plated metals. I take time to research all of my supplies and am very cautious to do my best to only carry items that are NICKEL AND LEAD FREE


    When Resin Jewellery Care Has Been Forgotten

    If your piece has dulled or scratched (usually because of chemicals, perfume or scraping), you can apply a top coat with No Wipe Top Coat UV Nail Polish and dry with a blacklight, nail lamp, or in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight needs to be strong and in dust free enviornment for at least 1 hour.   - TIP: if you reguarly get manicures, ask your stylist to apply a clear UV topcoat for you!  :)

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